Sensing our air quality


Various Assessments of air QUality Measurement methods and their policy Support

What's LIFE-VAQUUMS about?life vaquums.png

The link between air pollution and health has become increasingly important in recent years. This led to an increased interest to measure personal exposure and to map air quality on a detailed scale. In addition, more and more alternative air-quality measuring techniques are finding their way onto the market, allowing everyone to measure air quality in their neighborhood. Tools that are commonly used include (mobile) sensors -and biological measuring methods, as they are considerably less expensive than the reference measurements. 

Unfortunately, the reliability of the results of these measurement methods are often unclear. With the LIFE VAQUUMS project (Various Assessments of air QUality Measurements methods and their policy Support), we investigate the quality of various measurement methods and assess which methods can be a valuable addition for our reference measuring stations.

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